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Atlantis technical organize several boat dive trips in Halkidiki – special for the technical divers, during the year. Our waters are with around 20 meter visibility, normally no waves and current, but thermocline are present, so Dry suit is preferable. This page is periodically updated with information, so please check back for new expeditions. If you are 2 or more persons – please ask for date fitted to your vacation at: info@atlantis-scubadiving.com!

  • 25 of July 2016 –  Kelyfos Island – daily boat wall reef diving – awesome 100meter long wall, around 50-60m. deep. Possible dive up to 100meter deep! A lot of yellow corals, yellow and red sponges, little Gorgonian corals, Huge European Lobsters. Tuna, Great Amberjack, Swordfish are possible among the season. Air or Trimix dive. Deco around the reef with school of fish, Grouper and Octopus. The visibility some time is around 30m. no or low surface current. Nice gulf suitable for snorkeling!
  • 16 of September 2016 – Erika Cave – daily boat  technical diving trip up to 65m on Trimix. Fantastic wall reef, with little Gorgonian corals, and decompression at 9,6 and 3 meter inside the cave! Very good visibility around 20meters or more, with no current. The cave is  max. 12m. deep and  5-6 meter wide – no dust and is open to the surface with spectacular view: blue water and green plants in the sunlight at the end of the deco! Suitable for snorkeling!
  • 24 of September 2016 – Diaporos Island – amazing 75 meter Trimix reef dive from boat. At 70m. small 12meter wooden wreck. Different landscape among the depth! Huge European lobsters, yellow, red sponges, yellow-green and purple corals, school of different type of Fishes and octopus during decompression around the coast of the Island.