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PADI combined courses – without compromise of training quality, with strong final results!

Intro to Tec + Tec 40
Tec Deep: Tech 40-45-50
Tec Trimix: Tec 65-90
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Description The entry level, but the most important step in your training – the basics of the technical diving: rules and principles, equipment, underwater techniques, decompression theory, and procedures. 4-5 days training, include one limited deco dive up to 40m. Complete “air dive” tech course. All about air/ nitrox diving up to 50m: rules and principles, equipment, planning, underwater techniques, decompression theory and procedures, deco software and computers. 7-8 days training “on the roll” incl. three deco dives. Complete no limit Trimix tech course. All about: Trimix gases – Nrmoxic and hypoxic, deep diving techniques and advanced planning. One week hard training incl. three Trimix deco boat dives up to 90m. in best water conditions!
Price (Euros) 360 850 950
Days 4-5 days 7-8 days 6-8 days

Rec and Tec Sidemount
PADI Full Tec course
From Zero to Hero
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Description If you are already tech diver or want to be/switch on Sidemount – this is for you.
In one week hard training, you will touch the perfectness! Four cylinders, two/ three different gases, include deco dives according your current certification.
Complete, no limit tech course set. All about: Air, Nitrox and Trimix dives, theory, equipment and planning. You must be already Resque, EFR, Deep, Nitrox diver, with more than 100 dives. Become an elite diver in just two weeks awesome training incl. boat diving and many more. Are you passionate in diving, and want to reach the final frontiers in just one long vacation in the fascinating Aegean Sea? But you are still beginner with less than 10 dives? Yes, this set is designed for you! The most modern, demanding and unforgettable training may bring you to the elite divers. All recreational& technical courses, around 80 dives up to 100m. depth incl. boat dives and many more!
Price (Euros) 520 1560 2970
Days 6-7 days 14-16 days 60-75 days

The TDI equivalent of “PADI combined courses”, also are available!


Discounts on courses and diving fees:
For two persons: 10% discount; three persons: 12% discount; four persons: 15% discount. For group contact us for special packages deal !
Tech Photography & Videography Services:
Technical Underwater Operator including editing: 100-150 Euros per day depending on depth.
*All Technical Courses and Packages include:
Wing, back plate with harness, regulators, learning materials, transport to the diving spots and Nitrox up to 50%.
*All Technical Courses and Packages do not include:
Certification fee & paper works (35 Euro), Nitrox more than 50% and Helium according our price list below- for the instructor and the student. If more than one student the instructor’s gases will be shared btw. them!

Please note, that your fees are not buying your certification! We normally do not include certification fees in our course fees, for a very simple reason: your certification is not guaranteed! Diving is not fun anymore – welcome in Technical Diving World :)