Boat and Shore Diving

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  • In Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece we have variety of diving spots suitable for technical diving such as : wall diving, reef diving, deep diving. You can reach depth up to 60m. direct from the shore. We have few spots from the shore very suitable for recreational, technical divers and non divers as well. You can come with whole family and non divers friends. All this spots are in nice camping or/end beach / Blue Flag awards/ , with umbrellas, water sports, toilets, with snack bars : coffee, food and drinks. The waters are calm, clear, with no current and waves.


  • No additional payment for divers, but enter fees for non divers from 1 up to 5 Euro depends of the camping’s enter fees. Transportation of the non divers are subject of tips. Start every day from 09:30 -10:30 and back in Atlantis diving center around 17:00 – 17:30 – ask for details at
  • Near by Nikiti, Sithonia are several  no habitat Island : Kelyfos Island, Diaporos Islands, Amouliani Islands, Erika Cave as well. There can have awesome recreational dives and technical dives  up to 130m. depth. We can reach this spots with our Greek, classic Iroco  wooden 11m. boat in nice daily boat dive trip for diving, snorkeling, or just swimming and pleasure- good mood, coffee, water and more are included. All that at very reasonable prices. Supplement for technical divers- start from 20 Euro depends of the number of divers and type of activities, 25 Euro for non divers. Start every Sunday from 09:30 and back in Atlantis diving center around 17:30 – please check for some other day trip at or click here.