What is Technical Diving

Through knowledge of technical diving, you can dive in to the deep and unknown, explore places where no one has gone before, to see things that no one has seen before. What you ‘ve seen only on TV can become a reality. Be part of a team that does things that others only dream of, or experience the great feeling when you rises from the deep blue, conquered your limits and everything going well!

The common definition of technical diving in the most general sense is such diving, which is deeper than 40 m, or/end  longer than no decompression limits. Using more than one gas. Time and/or depth, or the environment, do not allow you to make direct ascent to the surface, but need to do decompression stops and/or have indirect exit from wreck, cave, or other closed environment to gain access to the surface. Closed environment in the context of a space technical diving is- the total length from the surface plus a whole range of diving in a closed space without direct exit is more than 40 linear meters.

The most salient features of technical diving is the decompression. The deco stop or just deco, is a mandatory stop on strict depth on right time – as planned dive, pre-prepared and calculated by a special desktop software via a laptop, iPhone, etc.. and / or given data from your diving computer during the dive. During your tec training in Atlantis, Nikiti, Sithonia, Halkidiki with our Tec Academy, you will learn how to do deep dives: from 40 up to 100 meters or more, with lots of precisely executed deco stops, with or without using of  dive computer to determinate it, during the technical dive – cool..!

Training & Certifications

We provide for our customer one of the most advanced modern and quality technical diving  training in the industry!

Technical diving is scuba diving’s “extreme” sport, taking experienced and qualified divers far deeper than in mainstream recreational diving, is marked by significantly more equipment and training requirements to manage the additional hazard this type of diving entails. Also because in tec diving has significant more risk and both physically and mentally challenging, requiring specific skills and training than recreational diving, have the following statements:

  • Tec diving is nоt for everyone, but for those who hear its challenge- but everyone can to try it!
  • If you won’t, don’t!
  • Your fees are not buying your certification – your certification isn’t guaranteed!

Tech diving in Greece especialy the tech training in Halkidiki, is very appropriate, because of the Sea condition:  calm with lack of currents, good visibility:  from 15 to 30 m. and dephts up to 130 m. Atlantis Diving Center, established in Nikiti, Sithonia, Chalkidiki a modern facilitie specialized for those activities such a technical training, technical diving, technical equipment and all type of breathing gases as well.

Tec diving has more risk, but it requires significantly more effort, discipline, planning, team work and tec equipment. As you go trought  tec training, you must learn and adopt some characteristics: self sufficient, team player, disciplined, wary, physically fit, accept responsibility. Also lot of underwater skills and special standardised tech equipment. All this we teach in a DIR approach but isn’t pure DIR philosophie.

Our main goal in yor technical diving training is to offer the most modern world-class education and quality using the DIR aproach and the latest techniques in training process with more exercise, training materials, and higher demands on students than necessary for the respective certificate. All from the above to the world standards of PADI and TDI. Also GUE courses are available.

We use the highest quality technical diving equipment from leading manufacturers: URSUIT, HALCYON, OMS, HOLLIS, DIVESYSTEM, X-DEEP, CRESSI, COLTRY